Surf on Turf: Bring the Beach to Your Home Decor


If your dreams are full of sandy beaches, decorating your home in a sea breeze theme may seem like an easy decision. Your ideal décor, whether it’s Hawaiian paradise or Gilligan’s Island, can be achieved with a few steps and a little imagination. Follow these tips to stay on course to create your perfect getaway in your own home.

Calm and cool

Many people want to escape to the shore to relax. Adding calming hues of blue and green into your home design can instantly create the tranquil environment you long for. The easily incorporated colors can be pulled into your design in a number of ways, including painting the walls or even just an accent wall. The lighter colors pair perfectly with driftwood decorations and other natural materials. The shells you picked up on your last trip to the beach would make a nice, understated addition to your easy-breezy escape.

You might not be able to sink your toes in the sand, but a good hardwood floor can still pull the theme together. If your floors are darker, give the allusion of lightening them up with a seagrass rug. If they are already a lighter shade, let their natural beauty be seen. The wear and tear of a lived-on floor actually works well with this look.

Bright and bold

For those wanting to live more on the wild side, get bold with your color choices. Vibrant shades of orange and blue give a room a fun, tropical feeling. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Alternating the colors in big stripes on a wall takes the typical nautical theme and kicks it up a notch.

The bright motif also lends itself to more outgoing decorations. Anything goes. Dare to be different and mix patterns, like florals and polka dots, with pillows, curtains, or area rugs. As long as they share the same color palette, they don’t have to match. Whether it’s that cheeky beach sign you’ve always wanted or Adirondack chairs in every color of the rainbow, make the choice that makes you smile the most.

Nice and nautical

The sleek beach dweller may shy away from outrageous hues, but the classic nautical look never goes out of style. By keeping the walls a fresh white or pale gray, your home will have a clean and fresh feel to it. Let the sun shine in. Sheer curtains lend natural light to a room without being blinding or overpowering and gives the room a soft, warm feeling.

The nautical look tends to steer towards décor befitting a ship, and color tones typically stay within the navy and red family. If you like stripes, this is the look for you. Straight or chevron, sharp stripes enhance the polished appearance, whether they’re found on walls, bedding or carpet runners.
Anchor-themed decorations won’t weigh your design down and can be incorporated in any room of the house. Ropes complete with specialty knots, will also help tie in your sea-faring scenes and lend themselves to many do-it-yourself projects. Light-colored shells strategically placed around the house will also connect the from-ship-to-shore fashion.

Whether you live along the coast or simply long for the next time you can visit, bring home the beach in your own unique style.

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