Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

The popularity of luxury vinyl tile flooring stems from its ability to realistically mimic numerous natural and man-made materials. This type of flooring is durable and reliable; it is predicted to be one of the most prominent flooring styles in 2017, and for years to come. The following are just a few of the countless styles of luxury vinyl tile flooring available.

Wood-Look Tile: One of the most popular styles of luxury vinyl tile is the wood-look tiles. This type of flooring can be used throughout the entire house with little limitations. This style floor offers the best of both worlds – the look of real wood with the easy maintenance of vinyl tile flooring.

Marble-Look Tile: The marble look has been around for centuries, and is gaining popularity once again. Natural marble is porous and soft, making it difficult to clean, and susceptible to rings. This is why marble-look tile flooring is more common than natural marble flooring. The look of marble floors is elegant and classy, and easily attainable with marble-look tile flooring. You can obtain an elegant and classy look without breaking the bank.

Cement-Look Tile: While cement in the home is not the most common flooring, it has been growing in popularity, and is expected to be seen more within the next few years. Similar to the other styles, the cement-look tile offers the easy maintenance of luxury vinyl tile while portraying the industrial cement look in the home.

Fabric-Look Tile: You can have the look of soft luxurious floors with the sturdy dependability of vinyl tile flooring. You will have the easy maintenance and cleanup of vinyl tile with the look of a soft and cozy material.

Luxury vinyl tile flooring has a trend – disguise. It is flooring that looks like something it is not. You can achieve many different looks with luxury vinyl tile flooring without worrying about the limitations that would accompany the natural material your floors are mimicking.

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