Is Your Beach House Ready for Summer?


We all look forward to the warm months of summer. Going to the beach and spending all day playing in the water and relaxing on the sand. To make the most of your first day at the beach, you should make sure your beach home is as ready as you are. Early preparation makes for an easy transition on your first full beach day of the summer. Here are some tips to prep your beach home:

  1. Air it Out. Open windows to drive out the stale winter air. Place houseplants on your windowsills and throughout the house to freshen your space.
  2. Check for Bugs.Now is the perfect time to check for early signs of stinging insect nests in attics and ledges. Nothing beats an ocean breeze through a screen door, but you want to let the freshness in while keeping the pests out. Check your screens for holes and tears as you clean them with soap and water. If any plants or bushes have grown up around your home, trim them back to keep the bugs at bay. Minimize mosquito activity by eliminating any standing water from around the house. Ask your exterminator to inspect the interior and exterior of your home for pests, spray for termites, ants, and roaches, and keep your home pest-free all summer long.
  3. Chill Out.Replace weather stripping to keep the hot air out and the cool air in. Clean your air conditioning vents, change filters, and clean ceiling fans. If you rotated your ceiling fan blades for winter, don’t forget to change them back now! It’s a good idea to have a professional check your air conditioning system for damage or leaks to avoid a failure in the heat of summer. Rev up your refrigerator for maximum cooling by disconnecting the power, vacuuming the coils, and brushing away any stubborn dust and dirt with a narrow paint brush.
  4. Clear Outdoor Space & Prep the Grill. It’s common to spend time outside on the deck or patio of your beach house. Be sure to inspect and clean the area so it’s ready for entertaining guests. After a long day at the beach coming home to grill is a crowd favorite – you don’t want to ruin the first night of summer by having everyone over to your house for dinner just to find out your grill no longer works. Check it early!
  5. Refresh Rooms. You’re bound to invite friends/family to stay at the beach house at some point throughout the summer. It’s a good idea to go through the house and freshen-up each room. Make sure each bed has clean sheets, remake the beds, fluff pillows, dust, etc. You want your guests to feel comfortable.

Summer is here and gone before you know it, so be sure to make the most of it while it lasts. Don’t be caught unprepared – get your beach home ready now.


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