Flooring Textures

Color isn’t the only thing that makes a floor beautiful. Texture has become a popular feature of flooring. Companies are spending a lot of time and going through a lot of trouble to give smoother surfaces a textured look. Textured floors offer a more rustic and earthy feel for homeowners which also gives the home more character.

There are two different options of textured flooring, such as:

  1. Hand scraped: These floors look rustic, natural, and unique. Each plank looks like it is one of a kind with long ingrained scrapes that leave the floor looking classic and rare. Pay attention to the details, if all the scrapings look similar and more uniform, then it was probably created with a machine rather than being hand scraped.
  1. Wire brushed: These floors are commonly mistaken for hand scraped wood, however, wire brushed gives the wood an aged, distressed look. The intentional scratches on the wood offer a unique style. They also help hide any new scratches as well as dust and dirt – making these floors a popular choice for homeowners with pets.

Whatever your style, Eastman’s is sure to have flooring to match your needs. If your floors are missing the mark when it comes to portraying your character and style needs, come visit us or call us at 252-726-2737 and one of our friendly flooring experts will be happy to assist you.

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