Eco-Friendly Flooring – Bamboo

As beautiful as real wood floors look, there are some people who want to have beautiful floors while remaining eco-friendly. US Floors bamboo flooring is the perfect option for eco-friendly families. With one purchase, you can help save over 387,000 trees, absorb over 9,288 tons of CO2 every year, and save over 7,740 areas of rain-forest habitat.

Eastman’s is proud to carry US Floors bamboo flooring. It’s available in multiple colors, plank sizes, and connection methods. US Floors bamboo is ultra-low in VOC, containing no added formaldehyde. Each plank undergoes a patented manufacturing process making it denser than any other hardwood floor on the market. It’s also backed by a 50-year residential factory warranty.

Not only is bamboo immeasurably stronger than traditional hardwoods, it also regenerates at a speed over 15x faster than traditional trees. Bamboo can be continuously harvested every 3 years without causing damage to the plant system. Bamboo’s rapid regeneration helps produce more oxygen and eliminate more CO2 than traditional trees in the same amount of time. Bamboo plants are also great at stopping erosion and protecting riverbanks.

Still need more convincing on why bamboo floors will make a great addition to your home? Come by Eastman’s Carpet and Flooring and let one of our flooring experts show you the beauty and functionality of US Floors bamboo Flooring.

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