Flooring for Your Beach Home

In a beach home, sand and moisture on your floors is inevitable. Between kids and pets, trails of sand are common to find throughout a beach home. Your floors need to be able to withstand the wear and tear of the summer months.

While carpet is a flooring favorite, it would not be wise to use a lot of carpet in a beach home because even the lowest pile carpet will trap dirt and sand between the fibers. Easy-to-clean, low-maintenance flooring is ideal for beach homes.

Fortunately, there are some flooring options that will look great and offer the durability needed to withstand the moisture and sand.


  • Economical, gives the look of hardwood floors without the price and high maintenance
  • Family-friendly, durable, can withstand the heavy sandy-foot traffic
  • Easy to clean and stain resistant

If you choose to go with laminate flooring, make sure it is installed as a floating floor and select a moisture-resistant core to keep ground moisture from seeping up.

Luxury Vinyl:

  • Luxury vinyl can mimic almost any flooring style, from wood to stone
  • Naturally water-resistant – making maintenance easy
  • Scratch, dent, and stain-resistant
  • Cost-effective

Ceramic Tile:

  • Minimal maintenance – especially if glazed
  • Helps maintain cooler temperatures in warmer weather
  • Increases the resale value of the home


The decision can be a tough one, and seeking a professional opinion might be the best solution. At Eastman’s, we are always happy to help. Come in store or call us at 252-726-2737.

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