Why Choose Luxury Vinyl Flooring

If you’re in need of new flooring and looking for beauty, durability and easy maintenance, luxury vinyl flooring should be on your radar.

Luxury Vinyl is a popular choice among homeowners because of its amazing realistic look. Using 3D imaging technology, these floors can easily replicate the look and texture of high-quality flooring such as hardwood, marble, slate, limestone, and ceramic tile. With luxury vinyl, you get the look you want and the durability you need.

Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Installation and maintenance is easy
Luxury Vinyl is thinner than ceramic, hardwood, or stone tiles, which makes installation over existing flooring a breeze. If you have plans to remodel your house, luxury vinyl flooring is the way to go. Once the floors have been installed, they’re easy to maintain.

Matches any décor
Unlike other flooring options, luxury vinyl has numerous design options; the styles range from extremely formal to ultra-modern. The vinyl planking can be laid out in such a way that it looks sleek and seamless.

High resilience
There’s a specialized wear layer on luxury vinyl that makes it resistant to scuffs, stains, indentations, and scratches. Its surface is different from others because it won’t warp, yellow or chip.

Increased grip
Luxury vinyl offers more grip than natural surfaces and some manufacturers provide an additional slip-resistant layer for increased safety. It’s also warmer underfoot and is much softer than stone or ceramic tile, making it comfortable to walk on barefoot.

Water resistant
Luxury vinyl is naturally waterproof and won’t buckle under moisture, making it the best option for bathrooms, kitchens, basements, or laundry rooms. It’s ideal for rooms with high moisture levels and humidity, which can damage other materials such as hardwood and stone.


When it comes to durable flooring or replacing flooring on a budget, luxury vinyl is the perfect solution. Contact Eastman’s to learn more about the benefits of luxury vinyl flooring.

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