The Emotive Power of Blue in Home Decor

There is something exceptionally tranquil and calming about blue.  Its many shades are great choices for home décor.  Here are some facts about blues and the psychological effects of using them around the house.

Symbolic Implications Blue

  • Serenity – The color of the calm ocean and the peaceful sky, blue is often associated with inner serenity and peace. It has been shown to slow down breathing and heart rates, assist in relaxing the mind and alleviating stress and anxiety.


  • Intellect – Blue has also been proven to have positive effects on concentration, focus, and mental clarity. While colors like yellow or orange can be harsh, blue hues provide inspiration while preserving feelings of relaxation at the same time.


  • Trust – Color psychology experts have long established blue tones as “high-trust” colors.  Blue inspires feelings of trust, loyalty, and honesty. It is often associated with being reliable and responsible.


  • Life – Refreshing and invigorating, blue is also regarded as the color of vitality and life. This often comes from its association with water, which is necessary for all life. Blue is frequently associated with feelings of life, optimism and growth.


Creating a calming space using blue décor

Your home is your retreat.  It’s a place to unwind and recharge after a long or hectic day. Knowing the psychological and emotional associations of blue, it’s a good fit for transforming your home into a tranquil sanctuary.

Explore various shades of blue – from deeper navy blue to bright blues.  Find the shade you like and then experiment with complimentary color combinations.  Pair it with a green or another shade to create a balance that feels right for your own sanctuary.  You can also add depth and texture to your home décor by combining lighter and darker tones of the same shade.

You can create beautiful combinations for walls or décor accessories. Since it alleviates stress and promotes feelings of peace, blue is a great option for painting accent walls in a bedroom or bathroom.

If you’re not ready to go all out with blue walls, add a few blue accents such as rugs, pillows, drapes, or wall art.  Having these items in view can help increase positivity and tranquility in your home.

What flooring colors pair well with blue decor?

Since blue belongs to the cool end of the spectrum, using the right color schemes and combinations will prevent your home décor from appearing too busy and mismatched. Typically, all shades of blue, including country, navy, powder, periwinkle, French blue and others pair perfectly well with neutral-toned floorings such as beiges, creams, grays, wood-tones and even browns.

Start with subtle additions as you pick your palette.  If design is not your forte, explore preset color palettes available online at decorating websites and image-based sites like Pinterest and Instagram.

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