Gray – the Power to Enliven Home Decor

There’s something sensational about the color gray.  It is the color of intellect, knowledge, and wisdom.   The many shades of gray often add a sleek or refined authority to any choice for interior design. Here are some interesting facts about the color and the positive contribution it can add to any space for home décor.

Gray the color of Compromise

  • Personality of Gray – Gray maintains the practical and calm feel for people who don’t like to attract attention. It is a simplistic color for contentment. Gray doesn’t show emotion as it provides a cool, conserved, composed and reliable feel to form an environment of controlled energy.
  • Symbolizes Neutral– Gray is considered a neutral color. It can stand alone or put the focus on other colors serving to tone them down when they might be overpowering on their own.
  • Serenity – Gray takes on the properties of either black or white and can be attention grabbing or subtle to a designated degree. If black is too powerful for your design, try dark gray. If white is too bland, try light gray. Using gray as a stand-alone color can add richness or give a depressing vibe, so make sure to choose a gray that adds vibrancy to your room.
  • Intellect– Experts have noted color has a powerful subconscious effect on every part of our lives, so it’s important to consider color when decorating your home. Gray can be a depressing or uplifting color.  It works well when giving other colors prominence. The color gray invokes a sense of security, reliability, modesty, maturity, or can convey dullness.
  • Trust- Including reliable, conservative, dignity, neutral, impartial, professional, mature, intelligent, classic, solid, stable, calming, subdued, reserved, elegant, formal, and dependable.
  • Life: A color that is said to be motionless and emotionless does have life depending on how you use it and the mood you want to set.

Creating a neutral space using gray décor

The mood of your house and the personality of each room should be a direct representation of you as an individual. Knowing the psychological and emotional associations of colors can help determine what shade of gray is a good fit for transforming your house into a home.

You can create a beautiful atmosphere with gray. It is a color of reliability or a timeless classic.  Since it promotes the feelings of stability, gray is an excellent option for painting walls in the kitchen or the bathroom.

If you’re skeptical about going all the way with gray walls, add a few accents such as rugs, pillows, vases, or wall art.  Create the mood for your rooms with the gray that’s a match the statement you want to make.


What flooring colors pair well with gray décor?

Since gray is a neutral color, there is room for compromise when it comes to selecting flooring and home décor. Gray provides the flexibility to play around with pops of color that work well with the primary gray you’ve selected.

Pairing the right pop of color to your décor can help highlight gray as the focal point of the room.

  • To prevent your home décor from making too bold a statement, use colors like Seafoam. It’s a soft, interesting shade with both green and blue elements hidden beneath for a contemporary and welcoming feel to your space.
  • Rose with gray adds a feminine and sophisticated style without harshness of usual tones.
  • Aqua blues make a relaxing and refreshing space.
  • Coral adds a lively pop to dining rooms, kitchens, or living areas where families spend a lot of their time.
  • Blues works well with gray shades from very light to dark and pair well with Gray porcelain title, White Wash hardwoods, gray laminates, and engineered Character Oak.

If design and home décor aren’t a part of your wheelhouse, explore color palettes of paints next to flooring samples and start looking on Pinterest and Houzz for inspiration in using the color gray on your next home décor transformation.

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