Define Your Style Quiz

Defining your own personal style is usually a challenge. While you may gravitate to a particular look or feel, putting that into words for others can be difficult. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so defining your style through images is easier than finding the right words!
This short 4 question quiz will help you define your style through image selection. Try it and see what style it indicates for you.

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Style Notes
Contemporary décor blends a variety of styles, mixing neutral colors with bold accents. It often contains an element of surprise, either in the shape, color or size of the furniture or in the accessories. It’s an evolving style that has a knack for mixing past and present to create a new, personal look.
Modern décor is minimalism in nature, using clean, simple lines and strong shapes. The look is sleek, uncluttered and often includes metals, plastics, glass and other smooth surfaces combined with woods and simple fabrics. The tone and feel are cutting edge.
Traditional décor is timeless selections that have stood the test of time and welcome you home. Inviting spaces include softer lines and more detailed prints and textures. While traditional décor pieces may have been in mom’s house (or grandma’s), the tone is kept up to date with trendy color palettes and new accessories.
Cottage décor is comfortable and cozy. Rooms can range from casual to refined, but they incorporate rustic elements, often with a European twist to fabrics, prints and details. Refined spaces showcase plenty of wood, windows and natural light. Lighter whites, neutrals and softer hues are brought to life with flowers, floral prints, and mixed prints.

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