World Style Tour

Home décor is a form of personal expression.  It is typically reflective of location, lifestyle and sentiment. While mixing old and new is a time-honored tradition, some style choices are so ingrained in a particular region they have become synonymous with an area, culture or people.

What makes a house a home is the unique blend of décor, color, and style families put together to reflect their personality and lives. Exploring home décor styles from around the world can broaden horizons and help define personal tastes. Have fun exploring the styles below and see where in the world you find inspiration!

Swedish Style: modern, geometric, streamlined

Notable elements that you may see often:

  • Chrome lighting
  • Natural light
  • Open, uncluttered spaces
  • Basic patterns
  • Neutral colors

Italian Style: classic, traditional

Notable elements that you may see often:

  • Open, airy spaces with big windows
  • Large paintings or other artwork
  • Wooden furniture
  • Plants
  • Polished wood or marble floors

Moroccan Style: colorful and decorative

Notable elements that you may see often:

  • Large decorative fabrics on walls
  • Arabesque patterns and rich textures
  • Colorful walls, fabrics, and tile
  • Metal lanterns and colored glass


Japanese Style:

Notable elements that you may see often:

  • Open rooms with divider screens
  • Low tables and chairs
  • Simple
  • Symmetrical
  • Plants

French Style

Notable elements that you may see often:

  • Traditional and modern
  • Large mirrors
  • Chandeliers and other fine details
  • Wooden-framed settees

Where do you see elements that feel “like home” and inspire you?  Do you recognize heritage elements from your family’s history in these modern décor applications?

No matter where you’re from or where you travel, a home that reflects your personal style just feels right.

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