Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Thanksgiving is a time of year when family and friends gather around the table for food, fellowship, and fun.  Adding a centerpiece to your table can display style and create a festive atmosphere for the wonderful meal that’s been prepared.

Consider some of these memorable ideas for Thanksgiving centerpieces:

Pumpkins & Candles

Mix and match with white or orange pumpkins on central base.  It can be a ceramic plate, a board, or even a table runner.  Place the pumpkins in a line down the center of the base.  Add a group of candles at each end and a few short ones scattered throughout.  Add ribbon or other items to decorate if you wish.  If you have family members that get a little rowdy, you can tie nametags on each side of the pumpkin stems for an inconspicuous way to arrange seating.

It’s Harvest Time

Draw from the natural beauty of the season to take your table from whimsical to realistic. Place a decorative element such as twigs pumpkins and lanterns on a burlap table runner and embellish with real fall leaves, candles that are orange, red, yellow, and green, add marigolds and mums.

Green Garland

If you’re looking for an attractive centerpiece that doesn’t require much fuss, simply lay green garland on the table which creates a lovely impression.  All you need is twine, green wire, and those items you best associate with thanksgiving to add a subtle flair. This centerpiece won’t be a deterrent for across the table conversations or passing food around the table.

Board of Bounty

What better way to engage your guests than to have a centerpiece that serves two purposes. It looks beautiful and holds a bounty of editable snacks that is sure to draw your guests around the table.  Take a long board and place on it pumpkins, acorns, pinecones, garland or whatever you wish. Then add in editable items like cheese, grapes, nuts, and crackers. This is a perfect way to draw your guests together while they wait for the main feast. When the Turkey and sides are ready, you can simply slide the board off the table.

Check out this inspiration over at Country Living  

Many things can serve as a centerpiece for your harvest table.   Eastman’s Carpet and Flooring wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving.   And special thanks to all our customers who have made our flooring part of your homes and celebrations.

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