The Color Green has Something to Say

Green is the most abundant color found in nature.  Because it’s seen outdoors and in many healthy foods, it’s a color often associated with life, growth and health.  Some green shades can have a relaxing effect and others are associated with vitality.

A few “green” associations:

  • Health – you’ll see a lot of green in both the food you eat and it’s packaging, especially from brands advertising healthy choices
  • Safety – a green traffic light means go, it is safe to cross the road
  • Wealth – darker greens are often associated with money and financial growth. Banking and investment brands often utilize green and blue together to emphasize growth and trust.
  • Peace – because of its abundance in nature, it is often met with feelings of serenity. A green meadow, a forest, a pond, a freshly mowed lawn… these images are typically calming.
  • Jealously – You may have heard the phrase “green with envy” – it has a negative connotation, but it’s a familiar one.


The effect green will have in your home décor relies heavily on the shade or tint of green that you use. A shade is when you add black to a color and a tint is when you add white. Lighter, softer tints of green may provide a more relaxing environment than a dark shade that might feel deep, bold or dim.

Use a color palette to help you determine the shade or tint of green you prefer as either a focal point or an accent color to create the right feel for your space.

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