Dangers Lurking in a Dirty Floor

We all have busy lives.  Getting children to and from school, meeting deadlines at work, and many other demands pull on our attention and time.   With more activity than time, it’s easy to clean tables and countertops and let the floors go for “next time.”

Dirt and debris gets tracked into homes on our shoes and the clothes we wear.  We even carry dirt in on our hair and bodies.  Eventually, it all finds its way to the floor. Keeping floors clean not only looks good, it creates a healthier environment for you and your family.

Below are a few dangers you may find lurking in a dirty floor and steps you can take to avoid them.

Safety: Debris that accumulates on the floor can be hazardous. Sweeping clears dirt, litter and other items that end up on the floor. Keeping your floor clean is the first step in reducing the risk of slips and falls.

Sanitation: Quickly and efficiently cleaning up spills can help prevent chemical damage, physical harm, and prevent the spread of germs especially for pets and children.  Having supplies easily accessible to handle spills as soon as they happen is a simple and effective way to reduce exposure to potential hazards.

Controlling Pests:  It happens.  Inevitably, food will fall on the floor.  Often, it’s in the hard-to-reach places we can overlook – behind the stove, the space in-between the counter and the refrigerator, or in the pantry. Keeping the floor clean in these areas will go a long way toward avoiding an unwanted pest problem.

Health: If you’re a person that struggles with allergies throughout the year, keeping your floor clean is one thing to consider in your effort to keep symptoms under control.  The floor is one of the main places dust collects, so just sweeping is not enough.  Having a regular mopping routine will help remove dust and irritants.  Be sure to use products that do not contribute to the problem.

Our showroom specialists at Eastman’s can help you with care and maintenance instructions for your flooring, so keeping your floors properly cleaned will be a breeze.   You’ll impress your guests and feel better knowing your family has avoided the lurking dangers of a dirty floor.

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