Design Radar: Trending Colors for 2018

Behr has curated a color palette of 20 trending colors for 2018.  The collection is sure to inspire.

The featured color of the year is called In the Moment – a “cool, tranquil, spruce blue inspired by nature and is a soothing, restorative coalescence of blue, gray and green.” Soft blues and greens in general are known for creating calm and relaxing spaces, and this particular hue does not disappoint. Whether you use it on the bedroom walls of your beach house or on the exterior door of a modern apartment you will find a great deal of versatility in uses for this color.

This color encourages a sense of balance – time to focus on work and time to unwind.  Whether you make a bold statement or slip it in as an accent color for rugs, pillows or seating, 2018’s Color of the Year is sure to leave you feeling tranquil and inspired.  “In the Moment” is about being fully present in what you are doing, and this is a color that will be present in many décor options for 2018 and beyond.

Find more Behr color inspiration here:

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