Good Tidings For Christmas Tree Cleanup

Holidays are a joyous time with family and friends, Christmas is by far one of the most wonderful times of the year.  We do so much to prepare for the holidays to make this time memorable and fun – meal planning, cleaning, shopping, and decorating.

After all the fun, it’s time to clean up the mess and take the tree down.  Here are a few tips from the team at Eastman’s to make cleanup easier and safer for your floors when taking down this year’s Christmas tree.

A Bundle of Joy:  Taking Down a Live Tree with Less Mess
You’ll need to grab:  A large drop cloth or sheet, a turkey baster, a few towels, a helper

  • Place the large drop cloth or sheet on the floor near the tree.
  • Remove the tree skirt; shake any excess needles or other debris onto the sheet.
  • Use a turkey baster to remove remaining water in the tree stand.
    Use the towels to quickly wipe up any spills.
  • With your helper, lay the tree down onto the sheet.
    Set the tree down on its side, stand and all.
  • Remove the stand from the base of the tree.
    Use the towels to wipe up any additional water spills.
  • Use the sheet as a giant sling to remove the tree from the house with less mess. The sheet or drop cloth will contain needles and debris.

Common Challenges for Real Christmas Trees

Naughty Needles: It’s probable some needles will fall when removing the tree from your home. If you have a hard surface floor, sweep the needles up according to the maintenance rules for the surface. For a hardwood floor, a dust mop or broom with bristles that won’t harm the wood should do the trick. For carpet, vacuum and dump the needles when you’re finished.  If there are only a few needles, using duct tape is a quick, easy solution.

Winter Water Land:  Accidents do happen.  Because you must water your tree, it’s unrealistic to think some water won’t spill.  Keeping towels handy to remove spills immediately can prevent any staining or damage to your floors.

Oh, Sap!: Tree sap is always a concern for floor damage, especially to carpet.  If you get sap on your carpet, moisten a cloth with rubbing alcohol, blot and remove it quickly with a clean cloth before the alcohol dries.  Make sure to do this in small sections to ensure there is no discoloration of the carpet. For hardwood and hard surfaces, fill a plastic, zip-up bag with ice cubes, seal it tight, and place it on the sap for several minutes.  You may need a plastic knife or rubber spatula to remove the sap, then wipe down the area with the recommended cleaning solution for the surface.

Depending on the service you have for tree disposal in your area, you may want to cut the tree in smaller sections and place it in the designated area for pickup.   Many communities offer curbside pickup of Christmas tress after the season is over.  Check with your local waste management department for specific guidelines.

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