Employee Spotlight – Tom Crews

Tom Crews grew up in the community of Kinston, NC in Lenoir County where its rich history reflects its early foundation.  Tom attributes his positive attitude to his upbringing and being surrounded in an environment where family has always been important.  He loves spending time with his mom and family every chance he gets.

Tom’s closeness to his family and moral character easily translated into his core values and explains why he has been a valued Eastman’s Carpet & Flooring employee for 21 years.  His loyalty and commitment has been demonstrated by his excellent work in every area of flooring installation and the care he gives our clients.

Tom current lives in Newport, NC where he and his fiancé, Amanda, share the responsibility of a big family, 3 babies – a pug named Rocky, a boxer named Nova, and a Boston Terrier named Benny.  He says, “there is nothing better than relaxing with the pups.”  He also enjoys deer hunting.

Tom, the entire team at Eastman’s Carpets & Flooring thank you for your excellent service and dedication to the company and the clients.

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