Keeping Your Floors Clean in 2018

Keeping your floors clean is one resolution worth keeping this year.  Protect your family, your pets and your floors in 2018 by paying just a little bit of attention to the floors you walk on every day.

No need to go out and buy the newest cleaning tools yet, just tell the kids to put down the smartphone and pick up the vacuum at least once a week.  Dust can be a big culprit in damaging hardwoods, dulling vinyl and staining carpets and rugs.  Make sure not to rush and to vacuum thoroughly.  Most cleaners suggest vacuuming early on a weekend morning before the house starts to liven up again!  Quick tip: 80% of vacuum effectiveness comes from pulling back and not pushing forward.

Lose the Shoes
Feet can be stinky, but they’re far better than dirty shoes on your flooring.  Shoes also carry loads of bacteria in from the outside.  A simple bench, rack or closet near the door keeps shoes organized, tidy and off the flooring while you’re inside the house. Quick tip: Want to hide those shoes?  Use a milk crate or a portable shoe rack you can easily move to another room or closet when the doorbell rings.

Ditch the Mop
Consider switching to a microfiber cleaning head instead of a traditional mop.  Mops are not only harbingers of bacteria; cotton loop long mops and sponge mops have a tendency to smudge grime around.  This is especially true on tile floors where most of the grit is left in the grout.  A microfiber mop head collects dust and grime. It can also be used easily on dry surfaces and with a spray cleaning agent for quick clean ups.  Quick tip:  Most micro fibers can be tossed into the washing machine after the work is done!

Mix a Cocktail (sort of…)
Mixing equal parts vinegar and warm water, creates a natural cleaning agent that can help sanitize and clean laminate and tile surfaces.  Tough stains can be treated with a mixture of 2 tablespoons of washing soda and 16 ounces of water.  Standing water is harmful to laminate and wood floors, so don’t leave heavy amounts on the floor surface.  You can turn on a fan or open the windows on a warm day to help the floors dry faster.

Baby Buffer
If you have suds residue or scuff stains on a hardwood floor that persist, use a cloth diaper to buff them out.  Cloth diapers are extremely soft and absorbent and can handle a lot of “residue.”  Once you’re done, toss it straight in the garbage before your friends walk in and find you rubbing a diaper on your own floor.

Reducing dust, debris and bacteria on your home’s floors will help preserve your floors.  It will also make you feel much better when the baby’s on the floor or someone invokes the “3 second rule.” Have a cleaner, healthier 2018!

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