Organizing Your Space: Grouping with Rugs

You’ve likely heard the saying, “a place for everything and everything in its place.”  Organized spaces feel more orderly and tranquil.  Spaces that are undefined, unorganized or cluttered tend to create feelings of unrest.   Many homeowners today favor “open” floor plans and larger spaces.  If you’re looking for a way to visually define areas within a larger space, area rugs are a great place to start.

Legs on or Legs off?
This is a common question and sometimes a dilemma for rug-buyers.  When do the legs officially set on the rug?  As it turns out, in addition to personal preference, a lot depends on the size of the rug.

No Legs On
Do you have a gorgeous rug that should be shown off to guests who venture into the room?  Then this bold approach is for you.  No legs on the run, gives a full view of the rug presented.  Typically, this rug will be a smaller accent rug and may be more vibrant than larger area rungs.   It’s can be like a piece of art placed on the floor in your space – a focal point.

Two Legs On
Front legs on and back legs off.  This method is great for smaller area rugs.  It pulls the furniture pieces in close and creates a more intimate feeling for those sitting in the space.  This is a favorite for smaller rooms or smaller sitting areas in larger spaces.  Anchoring the furniture around a small rug defines it without cutting it off from the rest of the larger area.

All Legs On
This method is ideal for large area rugs.  With the furniture completely on the rug, a visual backdrop is created for the entire grouping.  This approach usually pulls the entire room together and is well-suited for solid colored or large patterned rugs.

Rugs Made for Walkin’
Covering the high traffic walking areas of the house is a time-tested technique that the grand dukes in days of old were using (we assume).  Placing accent rugs or runners in key transitional spaces, can protect the floor underneath and create a visual guide for movement from one room to the next.  These accents are warming and welcoming to visitors.

Multiple Rugs
For larger living areas, multiple rugs can add great texture and definition to an open room.  Be careful to coordinate colors, but mixing textures and patterns can add diversity and depth to your space.  Multiple rug groupings are usually best in larger spaces, and typically will still focus on individual areas.  For example, one rug can unify the dining area and another the living room.  In the traditional decor below, one run defines a small conversational space facing the fireplace, while another unifies an adjoining seating area with two chairs and table for tea.

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