Modernizing Beach Decor

We can’t wait for long summer days at the beach, and enjoying the beach house with friends and family. Part of the summer prep season is getting the house ready – including updating your dated beach décor.  Sometimes beach decor styles can put you in a pigeonhole! Jars of seashells, sand and pictures of sealife hanging on the wall can get old.   Here are a few tips to modernize your beach house look this year.

 Start with White

Every artist starts on a white canvas, so can you!  Using a crisp white or warm white on walls, cabinets or any major backdrop brings dramatic emphasis to darker furnishings and elements.  This creates a dramatic, modern effect.  Items that have great texture, pattern, or color will draw the eye and be enhanced in the room.

Lose the Seashells

Okay, maybe not all of them… but toss the majority.  We know you have a beach home because you love the beach, so beach elements will always be part of the decor.  But there are many other options for bringing a touch of the beach indoors.

Image Laurenmaryhome

This large typography sign is a playful way to emphasize your proximity to the beach with a more modern twist.  It’s perfect for a dining room or gathering area.  These signs are created by Lauren Mary.

image WestElm

Original art like this 42”x32” photo by Summer Strauch can become a statement piece in any living area of your beach house.  You can support local artists and makers while you bring the beach indoors without the shells.

Incorporate Natural Textures

Beach décor is classically natural and organic.  Utilize natural textiles, textures and colors in your beach house to add depth to your decor.

Image WestElm

This Wool and Jute rug from WestElm is softly neutral – the color of sand dunes.  It’s earthy, organic feel will soften your step and the feel of your room.

Small updates in decor can bring new life and a fresh look to your beach home.  If your beach house needs paint or flooring, be sure to start with those bigger items first.  Once you’ve made flooring and paint color decisions, find ways to subtly update the look of your rooms with accents that say “beach retreat” instead of “beach gift shop.”  has put together a selection of color swatches to help repaint beach homes.  For your flooring needs, call Eastmans and check out our recent blog on planning for beach house renovations.

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