Choosing a Trusted Contractor

Every renovation project has a few twists and turns.  Hiring a trusted contractor who can help you navigate the process is important.  Your budget is approved, you’ve got an idea or two for new flooring, now it’s time to choose the flooring company who will provide and install your new flooring.  What criteria should you consider in choosing a trusted flooring contractor?  Here’s where to start.

Time & Experience – Ask how long the flooring company has been in business and about their experience level.  Experience and wisdom come with time in the field.  Eastman’s has been in operation since 1969 has served many families and businesses in eastern North Carolina.  We have a lot of experience and deep knowledge of flooring types and best installation practices.

Quality Materials – A qualified contractor will know the quality of various flooring materials and their lifespan for residential and commercial installations.  Price and lifespan are important factors in selecting the best flooring option for your budget and application.  Eastman’s flooring has invested years in training their expert team members and selecting a portfolio of quality flooring products from trusted brands like Shaw, Mohawk, and Mannington.  Our team can help you determine which product is the best quality for your budget.

Quality People – When signing a commercial contract or letting a company come work in your home, you want to know that you’re working with a trusted team with a reputation for excellent service and products.  It’s just nice to know you’re working with someone that will keep their promises and deliver quality work.  Happy customers and happy employees are a good indication that you’re working with a good company.

Another way to see the character of a company is to look at their involvement in their local community.  Eastman’s flooring is proud to have partnered with Habitat For Humanity® for projects across NC in an effort to fight poverty and provide good housing in their community.

Accurate Estimates – A trusted contractor should be eager to provide estimates, time frames and other information for projects.  Eastman’s trained staff provide timely reports and estimates for projects.  Contact us by email or phone at 252-726-2737.  You can also stop by the showroom to explore all of the flooring options available and see colors and textures in person.

A trusted contractor can make a building or remodeling project much smoother.  Our years of experience, quality of materials, and the personal testimonials of customers show that we take pride in our work and customer service.

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