NC E-Procurement for Agencies

Over the years, government budgeting and bidding have changed.  A few state government agencies, including North Carolina, have created E-Procurement services to help government agencies have the ability to generate bids and purchase orders with ease.  Over 60,000 entities have joined the service to date.  Eastman’s flooring has been a registered vendor in the NC E-Procurement system since 2001.

What are the benefits of using the NC E-Procurement system?

Fiscally Responsible

NC E-Procurement offers the opportunity for large and small government and public entities to fast track projects that comes their way.  Budgeting finances for projects is made easier by allowing the agencies to aggregate, or pool together, their resources when it comes to obtaining resources with greater savings.


The eProcurement system is a user-friendly database with over 60,000 vendors that have been approved by North Carolina to do business with state and local agencies.  E-Requisitions are streamlined for over 12,000 participating purchasing agencies.  The system is easy to use and the E-procurement website has webinars and printable PDF guides to help you through every process.

Trusted Names

Most vendors have previous experience working with government agencies and fulfilling contracts. The vendors involved, including Eastman’s flooring, are trusted companies that will provide the best materials and work at a reasonable price for government and agency projects.

Visibility and Planning

The NC E-Procurement system provides better visibility into the inner workings of state and government contracting and budgets.  This transparency gives government agencies more clarity on contracts and expenses for current fiscal budgets and to better prepare future budgets.

Taking advantage of the NC E-Procurement system can streamline purchasing and acquisition for your agency.  You’ll find Eastman’s in the NC E-Procurement system to help with your flooring projects.

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