Warm Tones for a Chill Retreat

After spending a summer day at the beach, nothing beats returning to your summer home, sipping a cold drink, and watching the sun set over the Atlantic.  One way to make your chill retreat feel cozy and inviting is to incorporate warm colors.   Here are some tips to consider for a comfy, cozy home this summer.

                                                                        Image: Brian Woodcock

Painting with Warm Tones

Red, yellow, and orange color tones are considered warm colors evoking happy, inviting, optimistic, and energetic emotions.  Painting a wall with one of these impressive tones brings the wall closer and is used best in large/tall rooms.  Since warm tones can be stimulating, use some muted tones to balance the room.

                                                   Image: Shaw Floors (White Oak Timber Floor)

Warm Floors

Warm tones are easily found in a natural wood grain, and what better way to warm up your summer home than with a beautiful wood floor.  White Oak from Shaw has the beauty and natural patina to bring the comfort and coziness you’re looking for.

                                                                          Image: Magnolia Home

Blonde & Pecan Tones in Furniture

Earth tones are synonymous with comfort.  You can find the natural color easily aesthetic in bulk pieces of furniture:  leather sofas, love seats, bed frames, and dining room sets.

                                                                Image: LizMarieBlog

Warm Tone Rugs

Nothing pulls a room together better than an outstanding rug.  If you are searching for warm tones in a rug, look no further than natural materials like jute.  Rugs made of jute are woven to showcase the craftsmanship and the color tones.  Accompanied with a warm tone sofa, your living room just became your haven.

                                                           Image: Bridgeway Scented Market

Earth Tones in Throw Pillows & Blankets

Using pillows on sofas and love seats can add the right touch to your room.  If your couch is a neutral tone, pillows or throw blankets in warm tones can add the color needed to balance as well as welcome people to sit and take a load off.   Throw blankets have become increasingly popular and come in a huge variety of colors and designs.  Toss one over the back of your couch for the perfect effect or to have handy if it gets chilly.

Add some warm tones to your summer home and make it the coolest place to be after a long summer day.






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