Grey is the New Black


Colors can make a home feel welcoming and fun-loving, but too much color can lend to a feeling of chaos or childishness.  Where do you start when you don’t want plain white or a clashing disharmony in your decor?  Start with a neutral base and design your décor from there with a limited color palette.  It’s time to… Go gray!

Gray is the new black.  It’s an extremely popular color that provides the balance and neutrality your home décor needs.  It adds more to a room than a white base would.  Gray has been popping up in many decorating styles recently.

Modern Farm House

Old is new in the modern farmhouse decorating style.  With the help of shows like Fixer Upper, the modern farmhouse style has become a force to be reckoned with.  The gray tones of distressed furniture, flat finished walls, accents and dishes add a perfect touch of class to a modern farmhouse style home.

Image Europeaninteriors

Gray doesn’t have to stay on the interior of the house.  Shutters, trim, and doors are all making appearances in varying shades of gray.  In this photo, large gray farmhouse doors are combined with warm wood tones in this farmhouse style exterior.

 Image EntirelyEventfulDay

Gray can add a modern upscale effect to any room of your home.  Something as simple as a farmhouse tub painted gray on warm, dark flooring brings this bathroom together in and “old is new” style.

Industrial Decor

From re-purposed Brooklyn lofts to renewed tobacco plants, industrial style decor is intriguing and beautiful in its own right. When decorating in industrial styles, textures are highlighted.  Designs often incorporate natural stone, brick, wood, and metalwork.  Gray can be the perfect coupling with these textures to accent their individual beauty.

Image REFL Studios

Gray tones can be in many places, but in this style, the largest contributors are the existing flooring and wall tones.  These become a natural canvas to anything else in the room.  Warm neutrals and metals create a space that says ‘industrial loft space.’

Image DesignPinn

Don’t be afraid to go dark.  It may seem intimidating at first, but the payoff can be worth it when the industrial style room comes together with lighter and darker shades of gray for contrast.

Contemporary Decor

The epitome of modern, minimalist style can be found in contemporary homes.  The clean lines, the rigid textures, and minimalism is highlighted with gray-toned walls, furniture or fixtures.

Image from Build-1

Natural grays found in this modern counter-top are the perfect minimalism needed in the contemporary design.  The waterfall marble has hues of gray across the color spectrum!


Minimal and contemporary gray walls can highlight anything else in a room much like these Edison style bulbs in this room designed by Lisa Olsson.

Gray is a popular color to keep in mind when freshening up your home.  Use it as a great base for other colors to pop in your house, bring in a new contemporary design to the room, or relax in a farmhouse gray toned pallet.

You can’t go wrong going gray these days!

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