Extra Is Just Enough

Experienced contractors know that no two jobs are the same, but one aspect of a flooring installation never changes.  The best contractors know how to prepare for it; you’re going to need extra flooring.  While keeping costs down is usually the goal of a homeowner, a good contractor knows there’s a need to have extra flooring on hand with any size installation.


Start with cutting.  A good contractor knows not to buy just the exact square footage of flooring for an installation because each flooring install can have twists and turns.  When installing your new floor, specialty cuts are needed for corners, angles and edges.  Walls and thresholds impact flooring lengths and how many cuts are required.  Patterning in the flooring material impacts cutting and spacing as well.

Breaking happens, too.  Flooring may be damaged in transport or handling.  It can be scratched, dented or cracked when installed – just to name a few issues that could arise.  Pieces that break are removed, and new pieces or planks are needed.  After a long day of renovation in your home, imaging your frustration if the last two feet of the floor can’t be finished for another week or two because the contractor needs to wait for more materials.

How Much?

A typical flooring installation requires roughly 10-20 percent more material than the actual finished square footage.  This extra amount allows for a job to be finished in a professional way.  It leaves a little room for error and should leave enough material left over for future repairs should your floor become damaged after installation.   Plan on a little extra for a proper finish

Returning Overage

Some jobs can go quite smoothly, and then a homeowner is left with more extra flooring than is needed.   If entire boxes or containers of flooring are unopened, your installer may be able to return them.  This will depend on the manufacturer’s policies and the installer’s contract with you.   If you’re concerned about the amount of flooring that is being ordered, ask your flooring professional or installer to clarify the amount they are ordering for overage and what happens to that material when the job is finished.

Plan for a little extra for your flooring project and you’re sure to get a happy finish.  At Eastman’s Flooring, we measure and calculate the materials needed for you to ensure your flooring installation is beautifully finished and materials are not wasted.

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