Innovative graphic designs in rug patterns have really taken off.  Rather than accenting your room with a splash of color, the trend of unconventional patterns and textures have joined forces, creating a more energized appeal.   The combination of pattern and texture are used to promote the desired characteristic of the room.

By drawing attention to the modifications between the different materials in the design, the rug becomes the focal point of the room.  The imagination is taken to a new level with the variety of today’s rugs using design, composition, and texture.

Colors are thoughtfully placed within each design, producing an attractive statement with a modern flair.

This year, colors are emphasized with artistic patterns that are inspired by both mother nature and heritage. Each design carries an energy, a theme, and an emotion to provide expression of your individual style.

Eastman’s Carpets & Flooring takes pride in providing our clients with the newest designs that bring sophistication, creativity, and uniqueness to your home. We invite you to come browse our 2018 collection of graphic trends in rugs.

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