Home Decor Fails

A home should be your own sanctuary, and your design choices can make or break it. Here are some samples that don’t measure up! Don’t fall into these design fails.

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Have you heard of the new trend, island fridge? Neither have we!  Encasing appliances in their own cubicles could get crowded.

Image: Reddit

DIY can be very rewarding at times, but there are just some projects that are best left to professionals. Stick to refinishing those pillows on the couch and leave the tile work to people who know what to do!

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Diabolical stairs anyone?  With the bottom step blending into the floor, hopefully, they have good liability insurance.

There is nothing better than stepping out of the shower for a moment to flip the pancakes.  It’s a whole new level of multitasking.

Image: boredpanda

Tired of the boring white marble?  Add some brown splotches for a grime catcher look.  It might make people wash your sink instead of their hands.

Although this list is rather extreme, there may be something in your home you wish you could “do over.”  The good news is décor fails don’t have to be permanent.  Whether it’s structural, design, or wrong flooring, you can still make your home the sanctuary you want.

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