No, not in D.C… We’re talking about rising water and the damage it brings.  According to Home Advisor, the average homeowner will spend between $1,070 and $4,107 to restore after water damage.  That’s a sticky swamp to get stuck in!

Summer in the Crystal Coast means humid afternoon rainstorms for the rest of the season. After recent heavy rains, you may notice damp areas or standing water around your home. That can spell trouble if it finds its way indoors. Whether it’s a leak, soggy pets or an overflowing bathtub, you can be prepared and prevent the water-damage swamp from taking over.

Start with a flooring that will stand up to moisture and leaks.  Here are two premium water-proof products to consider for any area of your home.

Shaw has developed a great product called Floorte. Waterproof lifeguard core is what takes Floorte to the next level in moisture protection. Floorte is durable, flexible, and very strong making it an ideal choice for any portion of the house.  What’s more, high-resolution printing ensures the beauty and texture you want while the interlocking system prevents gaps in the installation.

Mohawk has introduced Solid Tech flooring in its luxury vinyl plank.  With its 100% waterproof technology, this flooring is ideal for wet areas like basements and bathrooms.  Dent-resistant and spill-proof surfaces make this flooring durable and lasting.  It will outlast every humid summer and wet fall season that Coastal Carolina can dish out.

Water is important for life, but it can be destructive to surfaces in your home. Contact Eastman’s flooring today for help with making the floors in your home waterproof.

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