Installing flooring is a big task that requires both knowledge and the skillset to properly complete the project.  For a project that big, it’s not surprising that things can go wrong when you tackle it without a professional’s help.  These mistakes and DIY floor fails may make you smile, but they may also prevent a headache for you.

1. Failure to Acclimate Flooring

One of the first mistakes many DIY installers make for new flooring is failing to acclimate the materials to the room’s temperature and humidity levels prior to installation. This mistake can be costly. Without acclimating flooring prior to installation, it acclimates after installation.  Changes in temperature and humidity can cause expansion or contraction.  This is especially true of wood flooring.  Tightly fit planks can shrink to leave gaps or expand to create buckling.   After it’s installed, as floors expand and contract with weather changes, creaking and popping can also become an issue – or at least a startling noise at night!

2. Pattern Placement Fails

DIY install fail #2 involves patterns and placement.  When installing flooring, staggering the length of boards to randomize joints (not stairstep as shown above) and placing patterned tiles in correct orientation is critical to the project’s final appearance.  Misalignments or wrong patters can really interfere with transitions and the flow of the room.

In addition to the visual need for random joints in a wood floor, the direction of the joints also matters.  It’s also easy to forget to allow space for the expansion that can happen seasonally.  If flooring is placed too tightly against walls and other planks, expansion will create problems.

3. Cutting, Edging & Trim Fails

The final details matter immensely here.  Having the right tools and a little experience goes a long way to preventing the DIY Flooring Fails you see below.   Cutting and edging mishaps are often noticeable and will be an eyesore in your home.

4. Finishing into a Corner

Yep, it still happens.  If your floors are real wood that require varnishing or finishing, please plan your exit strategy.  😊

Hiring Eastman’s gets you quality products and professional installers that save you a lot of work and spare you several headaches. If you’re heading into a DIY project, do your research, make sure you have the right tools for the job and hopefully you’ll side-step these common DIY flooring fails.

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