Does your home reflect your personality?  Most of us like to showcase our own style and personality through artwork, decorations, even wall color, but can you show style in flooring?  Of course!  Flooring options have never been better and you can always find a way to make your floors match your personality.  What kind of style do you have?

Modern and Bold

If you like bold statements of color or decorating an entire room around one dramatic focal point, you know a bold style can be fun.  Select floors that complement your bold choices in color and décor.  Simple wood floors can support other bold design choices.  Dramatic floor colors, textures or patterns make a bold statement than can be supported with simpler wall colors or design elements.

Modern and Monochromatic

This decorating style is usually focused on clean lines, and simple color pallets. Neutrals are very popular and often paired with décor items that have unique shapes or functions.  Whether you choose wood, luxury vinyl or another flooring material, look for simple colors and patterns that offer contrast to walls and furniture while keeping the color palette simple.

Modern and Cozy

If your modern style seeks out the most comfortable space possible, look for ways to add soft textures and earthy colors. Warm tones, plush blankets, books, and plenty of natural light are essentials to creating a warm and cozy atmosphere.  Explore carpets and rugs to complement your modern and cozy room décor.

Whether bold, monochromatic or cozy, your modern home style will be expressed well through clean, simple lines and textures. Our on-site design team can show you amazing flooring options that fit your style and budget.

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