Two words: flooring remnants.  You may think they’re bits of carpet or vinyl flooring that have no purpose, but they can be surprisingly useful.  Flooring remnants can offer a simple way to re-create an entire room or add an accent.

Places for Carpet Remnants

Carpet remnants are often underestimated when it comes to home decor.  They can be versatile in size, shape, and color. Here are a few ways to use remnants.

  • Small Bedroom: A small bedroom can be carpeted with a remnant. If you’re redecorating a guest room or a child’s bedroom, a remnant allows you to replace or update flooring in a small space without concern for adjoining areas like hallways or other rooms.
  • Dorm Rooms: Often, a college student has a strict budget, so splurging on a plush area rug to make their dorm more comfortable may be out of the question. Don’t sacrifice quality for price.  A carpet remnant can provide high-quality material at the small size needed.  A carpet remnant is a great solution for the college years.
  • Covered Porch: Blending outdoor and indoor living spaces is all the rage. Take a little of your indoor comfort out onto your covered porch and enjoying sipping your sweet tea.  A carpet remnant offers comfort and reliability at an economical price.  Finish the edges and you have a beautiful area rug.  When the elements of nature start to take a toll, it’s easier to remove or replace a remnant rug than more permanently installed flooring.
  • Tree House/Play House: Make your treehouse or play house feel like home. We can find a carpet remnant at the right size and in fun colors. This will add comfort and enjoyment for your little ones.

Vinyl Remnant Uses

Vinyl floors have proven the test of time.  They’re more resilient and diverse in finish styles than ever before.  Vinyl remnants open-up a world of possibilities.

  • Small Rooms: Vinyl remnants are very useful for small areas that need water-resistant flooring. Half-baths, laundry rooms, pantries and other small areas can be recovered on a very small budget. There are many colors and patterns available in vinyl, so browse remnants until you find the one that’s right for your small space.  It’s a budget-friendly update.
  • Shed/Mudroom/Closet: These areas get a lot of abuse from foot traffic, boots, tools and rough & tumble toys. Finding a remnant to replace these small areas of flooring can bring a fresh look and cleaner surface for your family’s use.

Mini Remnants

These scraps of the scraps are often tiny and can’t quite cover a room of any size.  So what can we use these bits for?

  • Sliders: Place these tiny squares under heavy bits of furniture so you don’t scuff those areas of wood floor or vinyl.
  • Animals: Keep your kitty busy with a rolled up carpet remnant as a makeshift scratching post.  Or place a small square of carpet near the foot of your bed for your pup to lay on.
  • Cushion Knees: Fold a scrap of carpet to place under your knees when gardening or working on a floor-level project.
  • Screen Cleaner: Those pesky window screens don’t wipe so easily, but the microfibers in carpet can help you get all the dust and grime from in between your screens. Dip a clean piece of carpet into warm, sudsy water, and rub the pile side onto screens to remove dirt buildup.
  • Pad the Drier: cut down on the wild shaking of an overloaded drier by slipping an extra remnant of carpet underneath. It can muffle the noise and prevent your floor from scratching.

Remnant pieces can be very versatile.  Be creative when looking at small spaces and small projects. Stop by and view remnants, rugs and more in many textures, colors, and designs at Eastman’s Carpets and Flooring.

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