We proudly stand by the quality of our products, including Floorte® by Shaw Floors®.  Here’s a look at one of the most versatile, technologically advanced Luxury Vinyl flooring options on the market today.

Fabulous Floorte® Features

High Def Printing: Shaw has perfected their printing processes, and Floorte® products reflect that quality.  Each plank is printed in ultra-high definition and textured to bring floors to life.  Reclaimed wood, hardwoods and tile patterns can be found in a vast variety of colors and designs.

Fold ‘n’ Tap Installation: Floorte® is a premiere product that makes life easier for the homeowner before, during and after installation.  Their Fold-n-Tap installation style helps our team move faster so your family can enjoy new floors sooner.

Durability: Floorte® may easily be touted as one of the most durable flooring options for the home. It will conceal imperfections, it’s stain/scratch resistant and most importantly… it’s waterproof.

It can be used in every room but because it’s waterproof. It’s especially valuable in basements, bathrooms, and kitchens. The director of surfacing at Shaw was quoted saying:

“We’ve been amazed at Floorte®’s waterproof characteristics
even after weeks and weeks of testing in the water.”

Eastman’s Flooring has worked with Shaw products for years, and Floorte® is one the easiest and most durable flooring options available to homeowners today.  The finishes are beautiful and upkeep in minimal.  Call or stop by to see what style suits you best and make your floors beautifully durable and waterproof.

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