Muddy Floors During Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season is here with a vengeance in Eastern North Carolina. Florence has recently reminded Carolinians of the effects of over-saturation from days and days of rain. Our thoughts are with many who have experienced damaging flood waters invading their properties.

But homes that escaped flooding are still impacted by the effects of over-saturation following days and days of torrential rains this time of year. Mud, water, grime or other abrasive materials can be easily tracked into your home when the ground is saturated.

Here’s a review of flooring types and cleaning methods to help preserve the longevity of your home’s flooring during wet weather.

What are the best flooring options for wet climates?

Carpet: Smart Strand® carpet offers premium protection for the pet-friendly home.  Touted as the most pet-resistant carpet, Smart Strand® has advanced carpet technology that includes a 0% moisture absorption which reduces odors like “wet dog” smell. The Nanoloc spill and soil shield helps resist stains and allow for fast and easy carpet cleanup.

Luxury Vinyl: While the high-definition printing of Floorte Luxury Vinyl might be the first thing to catch your eye, Floorte vinyl’s durability, flexibility and waterproof core make it a preferred option for wet climates and high traffic areas.

Tile:  Natural ceramic material is durable, easy to clean and eco-friendly. Ceramic tile has a high scratch resistance and can stand up to mud, dirt or sand being tracked into your home.  If sealed properly, tile can be waterproof as well.

Good Flooring Care Habits

Keeping floors clean in a busy household is no easy task, especially when the ground is wet and rainwater or mud are being tracked indoors.  There are simple steps and procedures you can consider to keep your floors clean.

  • A shoe station can help solve issues of dirt/mud being tracked farther into your home. A one-stop spot for everyone to put their shoes can help you keep the dirt contained to one area.
  • A good quality rug outside the front door helps wipe shoes off and can cut reduce what is brought into your home.
  • Keep a towel handy for each time your pet comes in from outside. Wipe off dirty paws to spare your floors and furniture. Microfiber towels are gentle and handle messes well.
  • Consider runners in hallways. It is easier to clean/replace an area rug than to repair or replace the flooring beneath it.
  • Sweep hard surfaces often and mop with a soft mop periodically. This keeps grit from being ground into surfaces over time.
  • Vacuum rugs and carpeted areas to remove dust, mud or dirt build up.
  • Consult a flooring pro for additional care advice. We love taking great care of floors, so you’re going to get the best advice for your flooring type by asking one of our experts.

There’s mud is in the house…now what?!

Mud being tracked into the house is not the end of the world or your flooring. For tile, wood or vinyl flooring; a soft mop can easily clean up a muddy mess on the floor.

Cleaning mud from carpet can be a tad more complex.  If you’ve invested in Smart Strand® carpet, half the work is already done for you.  Its waterproof backing and moisture absorption resistance means moisture will be wicked to the surface. Using a clean cloth, dab into the stain, not away, to transfer the stain onto the towel from the carpet.

Shaw offers a trusted cleaning solvent, R2X Stain and Soil Remover, that has been trusted on their rugs for over 100 years.

For general maintenance and cleanliness, a hot water extraction professional cleaning system should be used every 12-18 months.  If your carpet is looking rough after all the rainy weather, it may be time to consider a professional cleaning.

Hurricane season comes every year. We can’t control what storms come our way, but we can have a plan in place for removing tracked-in mud and debris from our floors. Simple methods and routines make it easier to keep muddy footprints and pawprints from making your home feel dirty in wet weather months.

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