The tell-tale signs of fall begin to show in the Crystal Coast. Trees shed their leaves, the lawn mower is retired for the season, the bathing suits are folded and tucked away.  It’s time for sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, and fresh apple pies resting by the oven.

Family will be coming soon for holidays and get-togethers.  More time will be spent indoors as the weather gets colder.  Are you and your floors prepared family and friends to visit?

Signs Your Floor Needs Help this Fall

Carpet Crying for Help

  • Stains are here to stay. No matter what cleaning option you used, the stains on your carpet will not go away.
  • Areas of heavy traffic lose their resilience and the fibers are matted, tattered, and cannot be restored to their former glory.
  • Smells are lingering after a good carpet cleaning. This is the result of saturation to the sub-flooring.  If a smell, like animal urine, has saturated the carpet, matting, and subfloor, it can be nearly impossible to rid yourself of the scent even after a professional cleaning.

Consider replacing your current carpet with the Shaw Life Guard which is waterproof and made with ultra-resilient backing.  Your floors will last for years and keep their beauty for seasons to come.


  • If your tile is cracking in many places, this can be an indicator of inferior material or poor subflooring installed.
  • The tile time-warp problem. Your floors screams 1980-something.  Back to the future works sometimes, but not always in tile.  If it’s too dated to work with your plans for today, it’s time to replace it.

Mohawk flooring has extremely durable, long lasting, and stylish designs for their tile options. Eastman’s Flooring makes the installation process easy and has your home picture perfect by the time the family comes for visits.

Waning Wood Flooring

  • Moisture is the true enemy of wood floors. They can warp under humidity, soften with water damage, and this can attract unwanted pests like termites.
  • Wood flooring can present unique challenges. Often wood flooring has been in the house for many years. It can be refinished, but the cost of refinishing can equal replacement costs.  Depending on your love of original wood or your desire for durability and easy maintenance, it may be time to replace them completely.

Homeowners looking for a change for their wood floor should consider a wood alternative like engineered hardwood or luxury vinyl plank.  Shaw Floorte offers extreme durability and high-resolution wood grain printing.  This is flooring that will wow your entire family!

 It’s fall and guests are coming soon.  Before you know it, you’ll have the in-laws ringing the doorbell, the cousins crashing on the couch, and your siblings flying in from out of town!  Be ready to entertain this fall with updated floors from Eastman’s.

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