Fun Ways to Decorate Your Doorway This Season

A first impression can be the biggest impression, and what is the first thing people see when coming into your home?  The doorway!  This piece of the house is more than just a rectangular frame that you use to enter and exit, it is the official welcoming of your home.  It can often seem confusing or daunting to decorate throughout the year, so we’ve made a list of ideas to help inspire you this season.

Fall/Thanksgiving Wreaths


Go with the colors of fall, and don’t be afraid to go with one main color that can make your wreath pop off the door!


Rethink tradition! Check out this re-purposed rake head sprinkled together with fall leaves and berries.  This draws the eye and leaves an impression.

Fall Entries


Image: Laurey Glenn Photography 

Don’t be afraid to move out the norm when it comes to pumpkins and gourds.  These textured items add depth and character to your front porch.

Image: Liz Marie Blog

Repurposing items in the home to accommodate your decorations can add dimensions to your porch.  Like this old church pew, it can easily display your fall items in a different way than just resting on your porch floor!

Christmas has far more options for decoration, and the expectation is there to adorn your entryway in the most festive way as possible.  There are many takes on the decoration style.

Image: Shop Spring

  • Modern– Clean lines, large graphics, colored lights, laser snowflake machines! The imagination can run wild. You can easily buy amazing laser light show machines like this one, the Stargaze Orbital Light by FreshTech.

image LittleVintageNest

  • Rustic– A throwback to Christmas of old, wooden toys, burlap satchels, vintage wooden sleds, and a warm and inviting feel.

image JustAGirlBlog

  • Traditional– For the Christmas purists, this look consists of greenery draped everywhere, white lights, silver and gold, a candle in the window, and combinations of the green and red classics.

Be inspired and create new traditions for your home!

Christmas Wreath Ideas

Image Southern Living

Use natural materials to enhance your wreath!  Dried orange and cinnamon sticks add such a great dimension to this wreath along with great natural colors.


This miniature display is a break from tradition, but it has such great style!  It clearly conveys a festive spirit while keeping is simple.

Your front porch is an extension of your home, so making it lovely all year long can add curb appeal to your home.  The holiday seasons make it easy to decorate in a festive way.  Have fun with it and let your personality shine!

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