2019 is coming and with it will come new color and decorating themes and trends.  They’ll include colors, decor styles, textures, and even light fixtures.  While many trends last for only a few seasons, some popular choices stay for years and years.

Image Courtesy of Pantone

Color Trends

Various industry designers wait for Pantone’s color palette releases for the upcoming year. They drive color schemes for home décor, fashion and more.  For 2019, expect to see vivid colors paired with deep tones and neutrals.  Dark greens, deep blues, and stunning grays will frame accents of berry colors, oranges or golden yellows.

Image Credit: Theyarnkitchen & Kara Roselund 

Mustard Yellow and similar shades made popular appearances in 2018 as the ‘pop’ color for furniture, walls, doors, pillows, sweaters and more.  We will see this color continue to be being a significant player of 2019.

Décor Styles that are Staying:

Image Yellow Prairie Interiors 

The modern farmhouse look is staying. Farmhouse decor is functional with touches of rustic and reclaimed items.  Truly, old is new.  You don’t have to own a farm to enjoy this style of décor.  It’s popular from small towns to loft apartments.  Look for “old” pieces that are re-purposed, upcycled or given center stage in this prevalent decor style.

Image: BlogLovin

Minimalism will continue as a favorite theme in 2019.  But now, the harsh angles and muted colors are being replaced with slightly softer bohemian elements and colors. Decorative details like softer colors and purposeful, functional items will be more prominent.  The heart of the style will still be “less is more” décor.

Flooring Trends

Flooring that has a reclaimed look will keep making waves in 2019.  Even those prone to luxury have simpler, greener living in mind.   The reclaimed look is in perfect step with modern farmhouse and minimalist styles of décor.  This is a trend that will be strong for several more years.

If you want the re-purposed look, shop the Shaw Flooring Reclaimed Collection.

Image: Shaw Floors

Terrazzo Resurgence
Marble and granite have been staples of countertops for many years. Recently, quarts and concrete countertops have been popular.  Trend predictions for 2019 suggest homeowners and designers will explore more eclectic Terrazzo for flooring, but also for countertops and backsplashes.

Terrazzo is a compressed material made with marble, quartz, granite and other materials composited together.  It creates truly unique combinations of color and texture.

Keep your eye open for Terrazzo’s unique style making a splash in 2019.

Trends can be transient, coming and going in various regions and time-spans.  If these trends aren’t for you, don’t worry!  There are timeless flooring and decor options for your home.  What’s most important is that it feels inviting to you and your family.  Visit our Morehead City Showroom to explore surfaces and styles.  We have trained experts available to help you with design planning, too.

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