It’s All About Texture

Whenever it comes to decorating, we tend to focus on colors, size, shape. One decorating element often overlooked is texture. We understand the importance of texture and how it can add a greater depth to your home’s decor. We’ve put together a few texture ideas and guidelines to keep in mind.

Texture Guide

  • Don’t be afraid to mix textures! A leather couch with a knitted throw offers comfort.  Experiment with layering various textures.  If it doesn’t work for you, change it up!
  • Concentrate textures. Focus on one are of a room, such as a sofa, bed, or sitting area. Keeping your textures concentrated to one area allows for exploration without sensory overwhelm.
  • Remember patterns are not the same as textures. When exploring various textures like velvet, plush, leather, wood grains, etc…  pay attention to color patterns or other elements, too.
  • Simple color palettes make mixing textures easier. A solid colored base texture gives you a canvas to build on visually.  Keeping your colors limited helps the various textures work together cohesively.
  • The texture is not limited to fabrics! Books, plants, paintings, woods, metals, glass, fur, wool, and rugs all offer an opportunity to bring textures into a room.

Texture Examples and Trends


  • Velvet has made a comeback in 2018 and will continue trending into 2019. Often seen in solid bright or muted colors, velvet comes in many styles. Mixed with modern textures like wood or metal, velvet is brought from the Victorian-era to very modern.

Image unsplash

  • Natural texture can always bring life into your home.Hanging or potted plants bring life to a room. Bamboo, wood, stone and other naturally occurring textures can also add depth and interest to your home.

Image MyDomaine

  • Layered rugs can add depth and dimension to a room as well. When layered around a single focal point like a bed or a couch, the focus is increased by the new dimension. Explore Eastman’s extensive selection of area rugs for ideas.

Textures can impact your home’s décor for the better.  Don’t be afraid to try new combinations for adding texture your home. Explore what works for you and your style.  Your home will be more inviting to your family and guests alike with new layers of texture to see and feel in your space.


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