Kitchen Trends for 2019

2019 is fast approaching and has some promising things to look forward to in the area of kitchen design.  Traditional kitchen styles have been flipped on their heads over the past few years with different approaches to function and style.  2018 saw a lot of mixing natural textures and soft tones of white and gray, but 2019 looks to be a great year for kitchens.  Here are a few of our favorite trends coming your way.

Terrazzo is such a colorful, playful, and unique material composed of quartz, marble, slate, and so many other stones meshed together.  This has been seen popping up in homes and kitchens a bit over the past year, but it will surely make a huge comeback in 2019.

Image SignatureKitchenSuite

Smarter Kitchens – Google Home and Amazon Alexa are just a few modern technological advances to improve home life. So, what is there for the kitchen?  LG Signature Kitchen has an upgraded oven to bring your kitchen into the 21st century.  This Wi-Fi enabled oven comes paired with a smartphone app that helps you control the cooking from anywhere.  It features a ground-breaking Sous Vide style of cooking for that perfect food.

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Leather Door Knobs- We want you to rethink door knobs with this one.  The Swedish are known for their impeccable style, and they are the ones who started introducing leather handles to cabinets looking for a more natural style of knob that could also mix textures.  IKEA furthered this style by offering it to their customers.  You can find amazing leather workers on websites like Etsy to give your home a beautifully unique style.

Image Domino

Dining Nooks – With the rise of open concept designed living spaces, people are trying to seamlessly blend kitchen, dining, and living areas.  A well-crafted dining nook can help accomplish that.  A simple renovation like this would take no time at all, and you and your family can enjoy it right away.

Pattern Tiles – Adding texture and patterns to any kitchen can be daunting, but beautiful ceramic mosaics can create an amazing ambiance for your kitchen.  In 2019, we expect to see tile patterns change and increase in options giving the customer the ultimate customization process.

Regardless of new trends in 2019, making your kitchen a beautiful place to gather, cook, and spend time with your family is the most important part.  If you want to do a major kitchen renovation but don’t know where to start, call Eastman’s and we give you a helping hand!

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