Protect Your Floors This Winter

Here in Eastern North Carolina, we might not get much of a ‘winter’ like many parts of the state, but we do have our own burdens to bear.  Every season or so, we can get a large snow storm that hangs out for a week or two.  Whether we get that “real” snow storm or not, the winter culprits that damage your flooring include ice, slush, cold rain, and mud; and they can stick around most of the winter season.  We want to help you make your flooring last in every season, so we compiled practical tips to help curb the winter destruction.

  • Stop it at the front door. Simply putting out a doormat can stop much of the water, ice, or dirt from ever entering your home.Try not to let the grime build up by cleaning it regularly.
  • Shoe rackcan be a major help! All shoes stop by the front door and stay there!  This is so important for carpeted floors.  So much grime is tracked in by shoes, so keeping them in one area makes it easier to manage the mess.
  • Quick response to cleaning up the water or ice brought into the house will help keep your home clean and clear.   Especially with wood or laminate, the amount of time the water sits on the surface can rot and seep into the material, causing further damage.

Cleaning methods are always important to maintain the texture and integrity of your floors, but the cleaning product used can be just as important. We love to find things that get the job done, but don’t spread harmful chemicals in and around the house.

  • Simple Green Natural FloorA 100% naturally sourced cleaner with all biodegradable products is a multi surface spot cleaner. From wood floors, marble countertops, carpet fibers, and ceramic tiles, this cleaner can help clean up any mess.

  • Eco-Me Floor Cleaneris for the heavy-duty jobs in the house. It is a plant-based formula that easily breaks down dirt, grease, and grime. It will leave your home floors sparkling and smelling amazing.  Perfect for tile, stone, sealed wood, vinyl, linoleum, laminate and other sealed surfaces.

Don’t let the mild winters of Eastern NC deceive you with the lack of heavy snow.  The ice and grime can do serious damage to your floors.  If your floors are too far gone already, contact Eastman’s and let us help revive your home with an amazing new floor!

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