Flooring For School System Renovations

We recognize the importance of education, even when it comes to flooring renovations.  Many schools were damaged during hurricane Florence in 2018, and many are still recovering.  Even minimal amounts of flooding can ruin a floor.  At Eastman’s, we have always worked to create a seamless experience for school administrators and budgets when it comes to new flooring.  We want to help during this season as well.

Proof it’s Time to Change
Here are signs and symptoms that indicate the flooring may need to be replaced.

Stains that can’t be cleaned with regular and high-grade stain removers.  Mold or water stains that even after remediation cannot be removed or pose a potential threat with future humidity.

Odors that permeate the surrounding areas or rooms that can no longer be masked with school safe sanitizers.

Wear and Tear where the heavy traffic zones are.  These loose fibers can catch underfoot resulting in greater injury to staff or students.

Allergies becoming more prevalent and lasting longer.  Old, wet carpeting can become a haven for bacteria to grow that can bother those who are sensitive to allergies.

Padding under carpet or other flooring has become non-existent and tough on the feet.  Long term standing and walking can become hard on feet and backs for teachers and students alike.

What Flooring Type Is Best
Our qualified and experienced team can help you answer this question in keeping with what is most important for the use of the space by students and faculty.  Considerations are surface, durability, comfort and sound-dampening.  Contact our team for help with your flooring replacement questions or concerns.

Costs and Timelines
Eastman’s is a participant in the NC State e-procurement system.  We are happy to help you assess costs in a transparent fashion and will work with your school system administration or others to help you create a timeline for replacement that has minimizes impact to instruction times and processes.

We’re here to help.  Contact our team.

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