Spring Styles You’ll Love at Home

Let the days get longer and the nights stay warm: spring is here in eastern NC!  As we celebrate spring, bring the joy of a renewed outdoors inside your home.  Spring styles for the home are fresh and exciting.  We have collected a few of our favorites to inspire you as well.

Image La Maison

Floral Patterned Wallpaper

This is not your grandma’s wallpaper…okay maybe it was pretty close.  Wallpaper patterns have come a long way!  There are soft florals, bold florals, floral and pattern mixes…  But instead of papering the entire room, choose one accent wall to feature the vibrant wallpaper of your choice. Select a wall with great lighting or the widest view when looking into the room.  There are plenty of contemporary floral styles that can brighten your home and bring some of the outdoors indoors for spring.

Image ShawFlooring Graphite

Natural Stone Tile

These are truly magnificent floors.  Natural stone can help bring an organic feel to your floors, especially when it comes from a great type of stone with all the natural pigments and patina.  Some stone tile from Shaw Floors shows the best of that natural look.  It can be used as a flooring option, backsplash in a kitchen, or even mounted onto the walls of a bathroom.  Every stone texture comes with a different pattern for those looking for a truly unique flooring for spring.

Image FitFoodieFinds

“Green Livin” Decor: Plant walls

Once creative way to “spring up” your home is a plant wall!  Dedicate one area of the home with great lighting and add some easy to care for indoor plants.  Succulents, rubber plants, aloe, and ferns will add lush green color and add a sense of freshness and life to any room.  FitFoodieFinds has a helpful plant wall guide.

Image Shaw Floors

Mosaic Tile

It’s hard to miss the beautiful color and style of some floors.  This is particularly true of mosaic tile.  It comes in so many patterns and textures, you will have plenty of options to make sure you have a pattern you love in a style you can enjoy for years to come.  Shaw Floors offers amazing styles of mosaic tile that are durable, easy to clean, and have extremely unique patterns and colors.  Our favorite this spring is the Islander Collection.

Spring is the time of year to reclaim the joy in your home, and you can do that with any of these styles of decor and more.  Celebrate the return of blue jays, azaleas, gentle rainstorms, and lots of sunlight!  Bring the spirit of Spring into your home with plants, flooring, wall coverings and accents.

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