Spring Into Softer Flooring


Ladies, we all know the feeling.  After a long day on your feet, there’s more to do when you get home.  It may be a 30-minute meal, helping with homework or putting that last load of laundry in the dryer.  An unforgiving floor can make your tired feet and legs hurt even more.  In some cases, you may also have a child or aging parent that is prone to falling.  Here are a few ways to

For your working feet and for those you love and care for, here are tips and options for softer flooring that can help reduce fatigue and make it a bit easier for you and your family to relax.

Super-Soft Carpets

With micro fibers and super-soft piles, carpeted areas are softer than they’ve ever been.  New technology also improves the life and durability of today’s carpets without making them stiff.  For some areas of your home, a soft carpet flooring can reduce noise and soften steps for those tired, working feet.

Invest Down-Under

No, not Australia!  Invest in what’s down under your carpet! High-quality padding will support your carpet making it last longer and feel softer.  It’s also more efficient as an insulator which may help save on energy costs.

Shaw Floors has nearly perfected padding with their breakthrough innovation of SmartCushion.  Made with a visco-elastic memory foam, SmartCushion absorbs and deflects foot traffic on carpet.  SmartCushion also comes with Spillsafe Moisture Guard which prevents moisture from seeping through to the sub flooring and causing damage.  Cleaning up messes is easier than ever.

Cork it.

Cork tiles are a great option for softer flooring in areas where you don’t want carpet, but do want some cushion.  Engineered to be soft and durable, cork flooring does not absorb water and will not grow mold.  It’s incredibly resistant to water damage.  Be sure your cork flooring tiles are installed by a pro at Eastman’s to ensure they are properly adhered to the floor surface.  It’s durable and can help reduce injuries from falls. .

Rubberize it.

Have a garage floor that you want to soften up with a durable, washable material that will help insulate against falls?  Check out Rubber Rolls.  This super-tough recycled rubber material is made into ¼ inch to ½ inch thick rolls that are perfect for areas like garages.  Recycled rubber flooring is also available in interlocking tiles, for installation and clean up.

If your legs and feet need a softer solution, Eastman’s can help.  If you have children or aging parents who are prone to falls, our team of experts can help.  Contact us today.

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