Inspiration For Your Floors This Spring

Have you been trying to convince yourself that your old, worn flooring is “vintage?”  Maybe it’s time to think about an update.  Where do you begin?  Right here!  Take a look at these inspiring ideas for functional and stylish new floors in 2019.

Green Living Floors

These days it’s cool to go green!  Picking out a floor that is more environmentally conscious has never been simpler.  Instead of traditional hardwoods, go green with Bamboo Flooring.  It grows at a much faster rate and has all the resilience and beauty of traditional wood flooring.


Mosaic/Geometric Tile is Back!

Floors don’t have to be plain or boring.  You can express your style with gorgeous mosaic or geometric tile patters.  Add color, variety, and beautiful design to your space with a flooring that will stand the test of time.  Hello, interesting statement floor!

Waterproof Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP)

Who doesn’t want durability in flooring?  Great flooring that can hold up to heavy traffic and moisture is critical, especially on the coast.  Luxury Vinyl gives great variety of styles with peace of mind.  Floorte’s premium vinyl plank has an engineered water-proof system like no other.  LVP is one trend that’s here to stay.

Gelato Color Rugs

This trend picking up speed and is a delightful twist to neutral rooms and furnishings!  A bright colored carpet with soothing “Gelato” like colors kicks the neutrals up a notch with style.  Gelato tones are subtle, multi-colored hues.  Instead of committing to one bold color, you enjoy a playful wash of many.  Go from blah to voila with a gelato color rug.

image Decoraid

2019 is the perfect year to make the changes you’ve been putting off.  Call Eastman’s (252-726-2737) or visit our showroom to work with an expert floor consultant to find the right fit for your style.

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