Advancing Technology for Your Bathroom


Your bathroom should be your oasis. It’s a place for you to spend good quality time with yourself whether it’s getting ready for your day or winding down for the night. A bathroom is the place to enjoy your alone time, so why not make it the best possible? As technology advances, the trend of converting homes into Smart Homes doesn’t have to stop in the living room or the kitchen, bring it into the bathroom!

Image Moen
U by MOEN has changed the approach to showering completely. You can now completely customize your shower experience. For example, you can set your shower on a timer, adjust the temperature of the water down to the degree, regulate the nozzle pressure and save the settings for the perfect shower every time. U by MOEN have also integrated Amazon Alexa, and you can use your voice to control the shower from anywhere in the home.

Image Kohler Moxie
Don’t stop singing in the shower. In fact, get your favorite band to help you out with the Kohler Moxie showerhead! The Moxie has a built in Bluetooth speaker that can automatically connect to your smartphone so you can keep jamming while getting ready for the day without risking your phones safety.

Image Shaw Floors
Have you ever considered better technology when it comes to your bathroom floor? Waterproof flooring is better than ever before. With technological advances and flooring design, brands like SHAW Flooring have created Floorte, a complete waterproof luxury vinyl plank. It will elevate any bathroom while keeping the moisture where it needs to be.

Image Phillips
Phillips lighting has continued to introduce new technology for elegant lights with its HUE brand, that help to get the perfect lighting for every situation. When considering updates to your bathroom, look no further than their newest bathroom vanity. With smart features such as cool and warm lighting, phone controlled and voice controlled, this mirror can really change your bathroom routine for the better.
We spend a good amount of time in the bathroom, we may as well enjoy it as much as possible.

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