What Eco Flooring Says About Your Business

Over the past decade, talk about the Earth changing has become more and more prevalent; and businesses are starting to take notice. For example, some restaurants not using plastic straws, delivery vehicles are electric, and you can even find large companies that are curbing their carbon emissions. As a business owner, you may be thinking, “how can we be more Eco-friendly?” You can always start with your flooring. At Eastman’s, we love Eco-friendly commercial flooring that helps benefit the environment and your business.

Why Go Green At Work?

It can save money

Making your entire office an eco-friendly environment will ultimately help your bottom line. You’ll recycle items, avoid excess use of paper products, limit wasted energy in unnecessary lighting, and even reduce your energy bill.
Attract New Customers
There is a large demographic that is concerned with the environment, and these clients take note when a business takes the initiative to go green.

Invigorate Staff

When any group has a focused common goal, you can really see the impact. If you put it to your crew or co-workers to think of ways to reduce waste and be more environmentally conscious, you’d be amazed at the wealth of ideas that may spring forward.

Are Eco-Friendly Floors Possible?

Short answer…of course! There are many options with advances in technology that can help you achieve an eco-friendly flooring.

  • Bamboo is a fast growing, natural, and hard material that has been engineered to look great, last long, and be extremely well worn over time. While it is not the cheapest option, it can still find a place in a commercial setting.
  • Hardwood is a quintessential flooring style and a natural product that will stand the test of time in your commercial facility.
  • Rubber is a flooring material that has grown in popularity over the past few years. It’s very low maintenance and is often made of recycled materials compacted together. It is durable and can even feel great on your feet.
  • Linoleum is a surprising addition to this list but has been an eco-friendly choice for some time. It is originally made by compressing recycled materials such as wood flour, cork dust, and tree resin together into clean sheets. It has an extremely high durability rate making it ideal for the workplace.

Eco-conscious options have become more accessible to us in our personal lives as well as our professional lives. When it comes to flooring, we should all consider trying to be a bit more Eco-conscience.

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