Pet-Friendly Flooring to Puppy-Proof Your Home

National Pet Rescue Day is May 20th, and we could not be more excited! Many of us here at Eastman’s have a furry friend always waiting for us when we get home, so we understand the joy a pet can bring. We want your home to be a haven for you and your pets. Don’t stress about stains and scratches with these pet-safe flooring options:


The common thought with a new puppy or multiple pets is that carpeting is a “no-go” for their home. With advances in carpet technology, this isn’t always the case!

Mohawk has created a pet-friendly line, SmartStrand, that can boast some of the most stain resistant technology in carpeting. SmartStrand would be the perfect carpeting for an active pet household. With 0% moisture absorption, all spills or “accidents” won’t stand the chance of soaking into the material of the carpet, and the silk fibrous material makes for an easy wipe up after muddy paws.

Shaw Flooring is a proud partner in puppy management with their amazing carpet line, Life Guard Spill Proof backing. This technology will help you guard against any puppy prone accidents that may happen in the course of house training.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is one of flooring’s most affordable, high performance, and low maintenance options available to the consumer.

Shaw Flooring Image

Floorte by Shaw Flooring is their forte. It’s resilient, durable, flexible and waterproof making it an excellent choice for homeowners with pets. Floorte uses high-definition printing for a hardwood or tile look that is highly authentic. Get the look you want at an affordable price with Shaw’s Floorte Luxury Vinyl Flooring. Contact us any time for more information and the process to get new puppy-proof / life-proof flooring installed in your home.
We love animals just as much as our clients do, and we don’t think you have to sacrifice amazing flooring for your amazing pets. If you want to make sure your floors don’t suffer when you adopt your new furry family member, visit Eastman’s on Arendell Street in Morehead City. We are here to help.

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