Employee Spotlight: Mike Futrell

If you know Eastman’s Flooring, you know we hold every staff member in high regard.  One of the greats is Mike Futrell.  Mike is a dedicated employee that has been serving his community and working with Eastman’s for over 17 years.  Mike is integral to our operations here at Eastman’s, and we would be distraught without him.

Although Mike wears many hats in the Eastman’s team, bookkeeping is his profession.  If anyone needs help with day to day operations, they typically go to Mike!  He’s always there to help them figure it out.

Mike is married and has two wonderful daughters. He’s very proud of his daughters and their achievements.  His eldest is a working nurse and his youngest a pharmacist.

Outside of Eastman’s, Mike enjoys spending plenty of time with his two grandchildren, relaxing with is Siberian husky, and taking care of his home out in the country.

Mike is an important part of Eastman’s Flooring, and he is a key member of our team.  We hope for many more years of working with Mike, and we hope our clients get a chance to know and love him as much as we do.

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