Top 5 Smart Home Gadgets to Make Life Easier

Phones are getting smarter, faster, stronger, and update every few months, so can your home!  Smart home upgrades are the norm nowadays, and your home can benefit greatly from some of the new technology that is coming out. Smart home tech can make life easier, more efficient, and safer.  Here are some of our favorites coming out of the tech world.

Image Atmoph

ATMOPH Window 2 is more than just a screen.  It is a 4K screen the size of a window with over 1000 different live streamed videos of amazing scenery!  It is Amazon Alexa compatible, has built in speakers, a built-in camera that can act as a security feature, and even more.  The camera senses the angle of your eyes and changes the angle to accommodate the image.  If you love what you see, you can even book a trip to that very location using Alexa.

Image Apera

Apera Parcel Keeper is great for the day and age of 2-day delivery.  Apera helps you keep all your parcels safe at your front door.  It’s a piston engaged lock box that keeps your packages safe once the delivery person places them inside.  It can alert your phone when the package arrives and connects with most home security systems.

Image Petcube

Petcube Bites is for the furry friend in the family.  You can easily entertain yourself and your pets with this treat flinging gadget.  It contains a built-in camera sensor that detects your pet, records the moment the treat is give, and sends it to an app on your phone. The Petcube can hold up to 100 treats at a time and can throw them as far as 6 feet to give your pet a little exercise.  It’s equipped with night vision and a two-way speaker to talk to your pet even when you’re not home.

Image Igloo Home

 Igloo home is a very smart deadbolt to help keep your home safe. Not only does it sport a very stylistic low profile, this home tech can enable you to choose who you let in the home.

It has three modes of access: unlocks via Bluetooth Key (on Smartphone), unlocks with a PIN code, or with a physical key.  No matter where you are, the built-in app from Igloo allows you to crate a special PIN code or Bluetooth key, select how long you want it valid, and send it to your visitors from the app.  You can view visitor logs at any time.  This app works offline, so there is no danger of it being hacked through WIFI or internet connections.

Image Mui

Mui Interactive Wood Panel is an essential a smart home hub. It can pair with most smart home devices like thermostats, lights, Google assistant, and many others, making it a one stop shop for controlling devices. The Mui has smart gestures and can be controlled with a swipe of the hand, voice recognition, and send and receive messages.  The minimal display appears when you need it- but then disappears to make the Mui seem like a piece of interior design that blends in with the home decor.  With its built-in speakers and easy to communicate features, the Mui will bring a new aesthetic to your smart home.

With all the great improvements in home tech, it’s necessary to keep your WIFI home network safe.  Take all precautions to secure your home tech, so you and your family can enjoy all the great benefits a smart home offers.


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