Protect Commercial Floors This Summer


While we welcome the sun, sand and surf that come with summer in Eastern North Carolina, we don’t particularly care for the damage that some of those elements can cause to our floors. In a commercial setting, increased foot traffic and particles can be damaging to floors. How can you protect your commercial flooring during some of the most abrasive months of the year?


Here are some tips and products that can help protect your floors this summer:


Double Door Mat

A door mat outside the door and a second one inside the door can help by trapping much of the sand, dirt, and water that is clinging to shoes. Patrons find two opportunities to wipe their shoes when entering the establishment. You’ll find many southerners’ good manners kick in and they actually wipe their feet!


Daily Vacuuming

Daily vacuuming should be utilized in the summertime! A daily vacuum will pick up debris that made it into the building and keeping it from being tracked or ground further into your flooring. For ease and convenience, consider an automated vacuum cleaner to run during off hours. A simple purchase could save thousands of dollars in repairs or renovations in the future.


Simply Ask

If your business is especially close to the beach or a sand or gravel environment, just ask for some help. Place a polite notice near the front entrance asking patrons to “Please keep the beach outdoors. Wipe your feet.” You’ll find most folks will chuckle and oblige.


How do you clean commercial flooring?

Don’t over think this one, most commercial floorings do not need a special machine to keep them clean and looking in tip-top shape.


Commercial Carpet

Vacuum, sweep the corners where debris builds up, and for a larger stain, use an encapsulant cleaner to remove residue. If you need to use a liquid cleaner, we recommend placing an area fan near the cleaned section to dry it as fast as possible.


Commercial Vinyl

Sweeping or vacuuming (without a roller brush) will extend the life of your vinyl commercial flooring. Damp mop periodically, but do not leave standing water behind. Once every few weeks, give the flooring an appropriate vinyl finish or polish to help it keep its luster. Make sure that it has plenty of time to dry before patrons enter the establishment.


Commercial Concrete

Congratulations, this is the easiest floor to clean! Once again, a broom and mop will go a long way with this floor. Depending on the finish and desired luster, a good buffing a few times a year will refresh the sheen.


Don’t worry about the summer months this year. With a few maintenance steps, your commercial floors will stand the test of time.

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