Green and Eco-Friendly Flooring Options


  • Bamboo regenerates over 15x faster than traditional trees
  • Bamboo can be continuously harvested every three years without causing damage to the plant structure
  • Because of its rapid regeneration, bamboo helps produce more oxygen and eliminate more CO2 than traditional trees
  • Bamboo can easily be refinished and polished like wood floors
  • With a little maintenance, bamboo flooring can last decades


  • Made from the outer bark of the cork oak tree and is carefully harvested every nine years
  • The trees are never damaged or killed during the harvest, making the use of cork environmentally friendly
  • Cushions each step and absorbs sound
  • Cork is also naturally resistant to mold, mildew, and termites


  • Made by compressing recycled materials such as wood flour, cork dust, and tree resin together into smooth sheets
  • Linoleum is biodegradable and won’t take up space in landfills
  • It’s very durable and with proper care, a linoleum floor can last 40 years or more


  • Shaw Floors offers seven porcelain tile collections which contain up to 40% post-industrial recycled content
  • Tile is also recyclable for use in the production of materials such as cement and road substrates
  • Tile is an extremely durable and long-lasting flooring option


  • With brands like MOWHAWK creating product lines with up to 100% recycled content, carpet is quickly turning into an eco-friendly option
  • Recycled carpet can be used by the automotive industry to create vehicle parts

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